Vamo V7

proven design

40 Watt Power


vamo v7

Vamo Fire Wood bright

pleasantly warm

bright and simple

beautiful wood meets brass

Vamo Fire

Vamo Fire Wood Noble

luxurious dark wood

elegant appearance

simple and warm

Vamo Fire Nobel

Vamo E-Holly

solid and reliable

full-size display

high power for steam generation

Vamo E-Holly

Vamo Fire Sun

radiant warm

variable wattage

freedom as a way of life


Kangside, also briefly referred to as KSD, is a specialist provider of high-quality e cig mods. As a manufacturer of e-cigarettes, we focus on research, design, production and service, all provided by one company. KangSide products have proven themselves over many years in Europe, the USA, and Asia and are very popular, especially among experienced users.

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KangSide Wholesale EU

We deliver KangSide products to e-cigarette distributors, local retail stores and online merchants and suppliers directly from Germany. Customer satisfaction is our main priority and we strive to attain it. We offer great value for money, fast delivery and easy ordering and payment systems, as well as personal merchant support.

OEM Service

Do you want your company logo on the battery? Or do you want a special design? We will help you to configure the right option for your business or customers.

Security and Trust

We invest time and effort in developing our products to reach very high quality standards. Our KangSide products have the CE and ROHS certificates, as required in Germany. If desired, specifications can be offered for the US market, in line with FCC guidelines.